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Download the FireStingGO2 Manager
Download "Installer FireStingGO2 Manager" (200 MB)

Download the Pyro Science Firmware Updater
Download "Pyro Science Firmware Updater 123" (600 kB)

Download the beta version of Pyro Oxygen Logger 2016

Download "Installer Pyro Oxygen Logger 2016 beta" (170 MB)

Download the old version 3.110 of Firesting Logger software (for SPIDIMAN)

Download "Installer Firesting Logger 3.110" (150 MB)

Download here the FireSting II Firmware Updater

Version: 1.0x
Note: This windows software allows updating the firmware of FireSting devices with firmware version >=3.00 (contact PyroScience if you have an older firmware version). Beside of this download you will need also a HEX-file containing the new firmware. Please contact PyroScience for obtaining this HEX-file. The operation instructions are found within the download folder under "operation instructions.txt".

"FireSting II Firmware Updater" (1MB)

Software for OEM Module Oxy80 (1 Channel OEM-Version for 8mm Sensor Spots)

IMPORTANT: Before connecting the OEM module and its "USB-I2" interface box for the first time to a windows PC, you need to install the following driver:

Download driver for USB-I2C-box

The OEM module can then be operated with the following logger software for Windows XP/Vista/7 (note: Windows 7 starter edition is not supported):

Download Installer for "OEM Firestick Logger" (100 MB)

After the installation of both software packages, the "USB-I2C" interface box is connected to a USB port of the PC, whereas the OEM module is connected at any of the three I2C-ports of the "USB-I2C" interface box. Start now the program "OEM Firestick Logger" which can be found in the windows start menu under "Pyro OEM Firestick". The program asks first for the COM port number of the OEM module. Normally, it should be the highest offered COM port number (e.g. COM4). Otherwise "trial and error" is needed...

NOTE: The "OEM Firestick Logger" software is only a rudimentary test program.