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Solvent-Resistant Oxygen Probes

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Solvent-Resistant Oxygen Probe


  • Optical oxygen sensor for polar and nonpolar solvents
  • Measures dissolved oxygen partial pressure in most pure or complex organic solvents
  • Sensor tip 1.5 mm in diameter
  • Proven REDFLASH technology
  • No oxygen consumption
  • >3 years shelf time

The solvent-resistant oxygen probe OXSOLV measures oxygen partial pressure in most polar and nonpolar solvents (except fluorinated and some chlorinated hydrocarbons). It is based on optical detection principles (REDFLASH technology) and can be used for short-term applications in pure and complex organic solvents. A list of tested solvents is available on request. The sensor head consists of a stainless steel tube 1.5 mm in diameter and 150 mm in length.

Compatible oxygen meters

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Order Details


Item No.


Tip Diameter

Tip length

Typ. Response
Time (t90) **

Pricing in EU*


Solvent-Resistant Oxygen Probe (1m cable length)

1.5 mm

150 mm

<10 s (liquid)

490 €


Solvent-Resistant Oxygen Probe (1m cable length) with protected tip

1.5 mm

150 mm

<10 s (liquid)

490 €

* Only EU-Prices shown. Contact us for pricing outside EU. Not for resale.
** Typical response times for 90% signal change. For liquids: measured for the transition from air into a stirred solution of 1% Na2SO3.


Measuring range: 0-200 hPa O2
Detection limit: 0.1 hPa O2
Resolution: 0.1 hPa O2 at 1 hPa O

             0.5 hPa O2 at 10 hPa O

             10 hPa O2 at air saturation 
Accuracy: +-5% of sensor reading
Temperature range: 5 to 45°C (specified)
Application areas: laboratory, industry, research. Not for medical or any other safety critical applications. Not for application in humans or in food intended for human consumption.

Compatibility: aqueous solutions, ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, tested pure and complex organic solvents (listing on request)
No cross-sensitivity: pH 1-14, CO2,CH4, H2S, any ionic species
Sterilization procedures: Ethylene oxide (EtO), 70% ethanol, 70% isopropanol
Cleaning procedures: 3 % H2O2, ethanol, soap solution
Storage time: >1 year in darkness at room temperature
Calibration: two point calibration
Tip Diameter of stainless steel tip: 1.5 mm
Optical connector: ST-plug