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Fiber-Optic Oxygen Sensors for the FireStingO2

Fiber-optic oxygen sensors with ST-connector compatible to the following oxygen meters:
FireStingO2    FireStingGO2    FireStingO2-Mini

Robust Probes
3 mm in diameter

Retractable Needle-Type
Microsensors & Minisensors

Fixed Needle-Type


Bare Fiber
Microsensors & Minisensors

Solvent-Resistant Probe
for e.g. organic solvents


Contactless Optical Oxygen Sensors

Contactless optical oxygen sensors compatible to all optical oxygen meters from PyroScience:

Sensor Spots
Oxygen Sensors

Flow-Through Cells
with Contactless
Oxygen Sensor

Respiration Vials
with Oxygen Sensor Spots

Oxygen Nanoprobes
Oxygen Sensor


Fiber-Optic Oxygen Sensors for the Piccolo2

Fiber-optic oxygen sensors compatible to the oxygen meter: Piccolo2

Oxygen Dipping Probe
3mm in diameter

Robust Oxygen Probe
3mm in diameter